Zatoshi POS

ZATOSHI offers several types of crypto-payment processing, depending on your type of business, our specialists will be able to adjust a specific solution that can be successfully integrated into your process.

It is important to note that we offer two processing methods – Full and Partial:

  • Full processing means that we take full responsibility for your cryptocurrency and, depending on the terms of the contract, send you Euros or other currencies; payment conversion can occur monthly or more often
  • Partial processing means that you receive cryptocurrency through our solution, store on your wallets, and you are responsible for all operations with it

One type of payment processing is the Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminal, a unique payment solution for your business. It provides an opportunity to accept tips, donations or payment for your goods in a cryptocurrency. Meanwhile it does not allow you to lose funds during the fluctuation of the price, due to our company’s conversion technique.

What is required for this?
To use the PoS terminal you need a smart device such as smartphone or tablet with the Internet access. Also, we can provide a device if it’s available at our warehouse. Contact us and we will tell you in more detail!

How much is it cost?

Installation and connection will be absolutely free; all you need is a working device. Cryptocurrency processing cost only 1% out of turnover.
To start process payments you need only 3 steps:

1. Open our system – there you will see the main page, which can be modified in the style of the company.
2. Enter the amount of the final receipt, for example, it may be 1000 Euros, and then click SUBMIT
3. After step 2, the system redirects to the payment page. There you can see all the details of the receipt, as well as a QR code. Your customer must scan the QR code to pay for the order and proceed.

As soon as your client completes the payment, you will see that the order has been paid. We can also set up an instant notification system for the messenger (Telegram, WhatsUp, etc.), e-mail and SMS. Thus, you will be able to track everything that happens with your payments.