Payment processing

Start accepting BTC, LTC and other cryptocurrencies without any extra fees

Zatoshi is working on cryptocurrency mass-adoption and making Bitcoin and other altcoins more friendly and easier to use. We are providing completely free and secure way to accept Bitcoin (BTC) & Litecoin (LTC) for every online and offline business. This feature is possible thanks to Nicolas Doriar and open-source project BTCPay.

BTCpay is a great solution for corporations that want to start to accept bitcoins in their shop with full control over funds. And it isn’t also hard to set it up. But sometimes business owners need some help by configuring it, so therefore we can offer experienced coders that will do everything for you.

Key features

  • Complete compatibility with BitPay API, so you can easily migrate to free and open-source solutions
  • We are not storing or never asking your private keys, so we have no control over the coins you receive. At any moment all your coins are safe and under only your control in your hardware or software wallet.
  • Zatoshi’s BTCPay payment server provides easy to manage accounting, access control, both manual and automatic invoice generation options.
  • Ready-to-go libraries with samples for integration with projects based on PHP, Python, Ruby.
  • Popular eCommerce solution support
  • Pay with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and a bunch of other altcoins

Sample payment demo

Generated invoice on Zatoshi POS


Bitcoin payment acceptance

Accept bitcoin payments within just a few seconds without limits, delays or high fees from anywhere in the world using Zatoshi POS terminal. The main advantages for corporate and private customers are complete and full privacy as well as zero chargebacks. It is also a great way to attract new customers.


Control panel

User-friendly web interface allows you to work with a history of transactions, to analyze and keep track of payments, as well as generate detailed monthly reports with wide filtering options.


Simple integration

A simple way to accept online payments for business and donations without having to deal with technical details of the cryptocurrency.

How to? It’s simple!

1. Create new account at
2. Go to Stores -> Create a new Store
3. Then go to store settings and change the defaults (optional)
4. On the same page, scroll down to the bottom and add a derivation scheme (for BTC/LTC). You can also add a scheme for the lightning network, but it’s up to you.

Now you need to provide your master public key (xpub/ypub/zpub) to allow generating public addresses of your wallet. In this example we will use Electrum bitcoin wallet ( ), you may use your preffered software wallet, as well hardware wallets as Ledger or Trezor
Open your app in safe enviroment, then create a new wallet. Go to Wallet -> Information to get the master public key.

In our example it’s


5. Insert the master public key into the stores derivation scheme field and continue.

6. Important! Make sure that the appeared addresses are the same as in your wallet app.

7. Go to invoices to create your first invoice

This is how the invoices list looks like. You will know the latest status of the invoice immediately

8. You can get the invoice link by pressing “Checkout” in the invoice list
After invoice is paid, funds will automatically appear in your local wallet.

For invoice generation automation follow these instructions:


That’s all! Happy coding! You can always ask for help by emailing us on

Get your first buttons

1. Create a new app in the apps section. For this you will need to have a prepared store.

2. Well done! Now you can generate invoices. To setup the prices and goodies check the app settings.

2. If you want some buttons on your own domain (e.g. online-shop donation button), this is what you need to know.

If you are looking for a highly customized solution…

For corporate clients we provide back-end solutions for bitcoin processing with extendable and customizable functionality. If your business is bitcoin related and you require a secure, private and easy way to process payments or manage funds then our Zatoshi® Cashier system is here to help.
To get more detailed information about our product, please get in touch with us on

Note that is a free BTCpay server hosted by us, so we are taking care about the newest version. While we update the server, you may get some troubles and the payments may be not available. If you want your own fully controllable by yourself server (with control over the maintenance), we can set it for you up! Interested? Mail to