Who we are

Zatoshi is an international fintech company with the vision to leverage crypto related solutions to the global standards and share our practices in order to introduce new technologies into our fast-paced lifestyle. The idea of independent company was born in 2013, at that time a group of engineers-enthusiast have decided to focus on the Internet technologies around the Crypto Industry.

With more than 10 years of experience, team of IT experts has managed to conduct deep researches and structured development plan in order to begin their journey. It took four years, and in 2017 the innovative company Zatoshi was established in Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia.

Together with the greatest engineers, we are proud to say that our goal is to simplify the process of cutting-edge technology adoption and offer solution for businesses which wants to move into the new era of digital payments. Currently, we are operating in Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and Latvia.

What do we offer

Mining solutions
Assisting in purchase and rent of different Miners (GPU, ASICs etc.) directly from manufacturers. Additionally, adapting Miners and Rigs based on your requirements and specifications.

Blockchain analytics, Security and information system audits, Consultation of experts and other services like escrow and airdrop management. Everything you need by Zatoshi!

Payment processing
Start accepting Bitcoin/Litecoin today! Crypto payment was never so easy, with our safe and reliable platform you can simplify processing for your business.

The 3 Day course in Academy was created on a belief in the potential of crypto industry and to explain up-to-date theories and successful practices.

Souvenirs, mining hardware, paper wallets, Trezors & Ledgers and other accessories are waiting for you in our shop.