Fraud attempts are a known problem in the cryptoworld. Specialists are working together to find a solution, as we do.
We came to a conclusion, that its already possible to solve this. So SIA Zatoshi offer an escrow service to make the trades safe & secure.

This is why you should use our services:
1. We are working with any cryptocurrency.
2. Our fees are the lowest in the network.
3. Completely secure. We are based in Latvia, Riga, and, if you would like to, we will escrow your “offline” trades.
4. Fast response is what we’re proud of.
5. Trustless multi-sig escrow.
6. Sometimes happens that the item that arrived to you buying by crypto, arrive damaged (or even was not delivered). We will help to get from this situations out.

No risks and no headache. Simple, safe, secure.
We will verify the trade by multisignatures (2 of 3). How does it works?
1. The Buyer and Seller contact us. We provide you the conditions for this trade.
2. The Buyer deposits BTC on Zatoshi’s multisig wallet (new wallet for every new trade).
3. We contact the seller that he can ship you the product/provide the service.
4. The funds are locked until the trade is done.
5. To finalize it, 2 of 3 keys are required:

SIA “Zatoshi” and The Buyer (f.e., finalizing/disputing the trade)
SIA “Zatoshi” and The Seller (f.e., disputing the trade)
The Buyer and the Seller (f.e., Zatoshi is unavailable)

6. Now will the funds reach the goal.

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