Blockchain analytics

Cryptocurrencies gave us much: high technologies, companies and working places, ideas and creativity. It really changed the world and nobody can stop it.
In our vision, the pseudonimity of bitcoin and other blockchains is in great balance between privacy and legal needs.

The reason
Not everything is nice by using crypto. You can’t be sure that the currency you was not in use before for some illegal activity. It might be risky to process this funds.
We think that real mass adoption of cryptocurrencies can occur only if there will be companies, that help regulators and privates to deal with shady businesses or scams, making public blockchains a safe place for everyone to do business in.
While developing our payment-processing system for bitcoin, we went deeply inside bitcoin protocol and tools related to blockchain analysis. Thanks to this experience we can provide production-proved services for blockchain analytics.

The solution
If you would like to be sure in your funds, then contact us at
Professional set of tools and methods that we use can aid you to find the a source of funds, track cryptocurrencies flow, investigate complicated crypto-related cases.
We are glad to consult the state institutions as well as the corporate ones.