Who we are

SIA Zatoshi’s head office is located in Latvia, Riga, also we are providing our services in Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Belarus and Russia as well we have plans to come in western Europe countries in near future. We are proud to promote that in Latvia we have greatest engineers over the world.

Idea of “Zatoshi” was born between 2013 and 2014, in a team of engineers that provides IT services for over 10 years. After few years of cryptocurrency technology deep research & development, we decided to create independent company. We are mainly focusing on internet technologies around cryptocurrency, but not speculative topics.

Our team works in different directions all-around Bitcoin & Altcoins. Want to connect a payment option to your local store or online shop? Or, maybe you are company and want to solve a bunch of problems, integrating the blockchain in your system to make it work for you? We are here to help you

For any question about crypto – we got an answer. For any problem – a solution.

What do we offer

Mining solutions
For those, who want to get their own miner, to rent one or to place their miner in our mining center with much opportunities

Blockchain analytics (different tools) or creating of a corporate blockchain. //Comming soon: escrow and airdrop redeem

Payment processing
Want to start to accept bitcoin and crypto? No worries, we offer a free solution, as well as paid ones.

No matter if your are new to crypto or experienced, we have a 3-day course all-around crypto. Starting from basics, ending with technologies, security and mining. The next one will be in September.

You can buy almost everything in our shop. Souvenirs, mining hardware, accessories or even cold wallets

Why us

Our knowledge base stays updated: all the latest news are already known by our team.

Our specialists are working hardly to get the most useful solutions in the cryptoworld

We provide a bunch of services and offer a lot of goodies that may interest you

For geeks: free guides available

For everyone: a 3-day course with the most important information

Fast community response. Contact us and check it out yourself 😉


You can find our head office on Cēsu 31 k-3 (Barons Kvartāls).